As a duty of care, we would like to offer an overview of the concerns regarding 3G playing surfaces. Sportslawn would  also like to suggest proactive measures to offer peace of mind to end users.

Health Risks

Sportlawn have seen increasing health concerns being expressed in the UK and the US media recently. Concerns are regarding the toxicity levels of scrap SBR rubber crumb. 3G playing surfaces often use recycled rubber as an infill because it is inexpensive and readily available. SAPCA’s conference earlier this month covered the issue of toxicity and there was also a feature on a recent Primetime special on RTE. You can follow the link below to see the special featured on RTE

Primetime – Do Artificial Pitches Increase Your Risk of Cancer?

The two major concerns with regards to scrap tyre rubber crumb infill are the level of toxicity on ingestion and on inhalation as a result of direct contact. In the toy industry, toxicity testing is a legal obligation due to it being classed as a consumable product. Mixed scrap rubber SBR infill is not technically a consumer product and consequently, is not tested. As players can come in direct contact with rubber crumb and it is a very likely risk that particles be ingested notably when tackling/or falling in goal positions.

Overview of Concerns

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FIFA bosses urged to investigate health risks of 3G pitches

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What you can do

To ensure that your 3G pitch is as safe as possible we strongly recommend that you contact an Independent sports Infill Testing Laboratory. An infill tester can carry out random sample testing of infill from the pitch. Toxicological reports on your SBR infill can give you more information.

To speak to a member of our team regarding the removal and replacement of rubber crumb from you pitch, contact sportslawn on 087 6323632.