Tennis Court Cleaning
Tennis Court Cleaning


Sportslawn provide the following maintenance services:

  • Deep Clean Treatment for vegetation control in terms of weed removal, moss and algae growth
  • Decompaction and aeration machine (the DSV)
  • Regular brushing and grooming the surface
  • Sand dressing and monitoring of infill levels
  • Monitoring and repair of seams and carpet rippling
  • Leveling and equalization of infill
  • Remarking of lines with specialist paint if lines are not inlaid

Based on hours of use and type of sport we can provide either Monthly/ Quarterly or Yearly scheduled visits. We also ensure our club contact is aware of important weekly pitch reviews (Removal of litter/ debris, Cleaning and monitoring of access, entrance and exit gates .etc), that will keep the cost of the maintenance low and ensuring a longer life for the pitch.
After each visit you will receive a detailed report with

  1.  Pre inspection report
  2.  Post inspection report
  3.  Maintaince work carried out.


Once you have your artificial turf pitch installed you will want to ensure that it maximizes performance and reaches the life time guarantee that the manufactures have specified. The sportslawn team will test your pitch with our equipment that is aligned to European standards. The results will be printed off with our recommendations of what Weekly/ Monthly/Yearly maintenance is required to bring it back to acceptable installation standards.

  • Ball Roll. To ensure that the carpet pile permits the ball to roll a prescribed distance without undue deviation from a straight line.
  • Ball Rebound. To ensure consistent bounce of a ball dropped from a fixed height.
  • Impact response. The peak force is measured on the surface.
  • Pitch Dimensions, Run-offs and Markings. Sport standard will dictate the markings.
  • Pile/Pad deformation? Unfilled surfaces peak force is measured based on compacted pile.
  • Pitch Permeability. Drainage ensures that in the heaviest of rainfalls, the combination of pitch surface plus shock pad (elastic layer) is capable of allowing a given amount of water to drain vertically through it.
  • Infill level. This Is calculated though mean sampling over 5 spot locations.
  • Pitch Smoothness Evenness. This is the maximum deviation above or below a straight edge.
  • Pitch slope. This is based on the longitudinal and lateral fall of the pitch.
  • Surface color. This is compared to recommend manufactures chart.
  • Surface gloss. This must be sufficient to avoid glare measured when wet.

Results Explained

You can compare the test results directly with GAA/FIH/FIFA/IRFU requirements. Based on the initial test we will give advice on what is need to bring the pitch back to acceptable installation standards.

Post Inspection test

Once your club or committee has agreed with our maintenance plan, we will follow through and upgrade your pitch with our latest machinery to acceptable installation standards. Once the project is complete we will carry out a final inspection test which will highlight improvements


What our Clients say

Sportslawn Ireland have provided a cleaning and maintenance service to our all weather pitch. At all times the quality of this work and the attention to detail has been superb.

Maria Barry, School Principal

St. Wolstan's Community School, Co. Kildare.